What Movie Best Captured Your Teenage Experience?

Lynn Pryor

When those people who make lists for a profession talk about movies, they list movies as drama, action, comedy, horror, romance (i.e., chick-flick), and idiotic (i.e., David Spade movies). But one genre is rarely mentioned. In fact, I’m not even sure what to call this genre.

  • Teenage Angst
  • Coming of Age
  • Teen Rebellion

Every few years, some producer/director offers their take on life as a teenager and why it stinks to be an adolescent these days. That amuses me because the people who write  and direct these are adults. Sure, they might write from their own perspective, but so many aspects of the adolescent experience change as quickly as the hip and groovy slang they use … the awesome and rad slang … the snatched slang … oh, never mind.

And there are lots of these movies, but how many of them can you remember off the top of your head? …

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