Amazon’s The Tick, Where Is Thy “SPOON?”

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This installment is a tad late because I spent the week writing two brand new chapters of my difficult second novel. That brings the tally all the way up to a whopping four! Let me know if you’re interested in learning more about my process in future entries. Now…

Costa Rica Uber

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Today’s cartoon I drew for The Costa Rica Star isn’t just fun, it’s educational! My work is just like the Electric Company…for adults. Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica. Uber is not. In fact, there have been protests by the Red Taxis, which is the only service that’s legal in the nation.…

Adventure Time, C’mon Grab Your Friends, And Watch This Show!

Adventure Time started about the same time as Regular Show and is also one of my all time favorite shows. This radical show stars a boy and his dog after humans are wiped away from the Earth by a Mushroom cloud.  So basically a nuclear holocaust. Just like Regular Show this show breaks down many…

Comic Strip Saturday: Social Media Accomplishments

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My gravestone won’t say anything, since I’ll be cremated (lol), but if I did have one, I would like it to say, “Always tried to make people smile.” Pearls Before Swine You can check out more Pearls Before Swine on Happy Saturday!


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Several towns in France banned the wearing of burkinis on their beaches. What’s a “burkini?” It like a burka you can swim in and it looks kinda like a wet suit. Why would anyone care what others are wearing when it doesn’t hurt you? Because people are xenophobic and hateful. The…

Doug Liman To Direct ‘Justice League Dark’

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“Edge Of Tomorrow” and “Bourne Identity” director, Doug Liman has left Gambit to direct the live action “Justice League Dark” movie, according to Variety. The project has been in development hell for years now, as many directors have signed off and left the project. Guillermo Del Toro was…

Morgan – New Sneak Peek

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By: Erika Ashley Morgan opens in theaters everywhere September 2nd, are you ready? It could have been such a wonderful child… Watch “Beautiful Baby,” the unsettling new video below: Oh man – I can’t wait to see this tonight at a pre-screening. Keep an eye out for the review next…