Stuck In (Gender) Neutral


Be Sure You're RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

Bathroom Privilege

Justice Is Swerved

The Obama administration believes it can bypass Congress. It can even ignore the Constitution. But as long as the Constitution exists, it cannot silence the people — who, like us, think the White House and the commander and chief should be focused on America’s safety, not America’s bathrooms. A government big enough to control the bathroom policies of communities across the nation is a government big enough to flush our freedoms. — Tony Perkins/The Patriot Post

The latest front in the deranged Left’s ongoing war against common sense is the movement (no pun intended) to institutionalize gender-neutral bathrooms across the length and breadth of America’s increasingly fruited plain, an aberration fully supported by Barack Obama, a man many of us have always suspected of sitting down to pee. Fey Obama, last seen preparing to name a Greenwich Village gay dive bar as a national monument, has even…

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