The Lego Batman Movie review

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You almost have to feel sorry for DC. While they’re excelling on the small screen with shows such as The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, they just can’t seem to compete with Marvel when it comes to constructing a successful cinematic universe. Now I’m not saying that Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman were bad. I actually enjoyed both films despite their flaws, but I’m certainly not ignorant to the fact that they didn’t go down well with the vast majority of moviegoers and rumours are already running rampant that this year’s contributions to the continuity are unlikely to win much more acclaim than their two immediate predecessors.
Not to worry though, because The Lego Batman Movie is here and it’s the best thing that DC has dropped in theatres since Christian Bale hung up the cape and cowl in 2012. Directed by the man…

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