3Novices : The Flash ‘Attack on Gorilla City’ Extended Promo: Flash vs Grodd


The Flash season 2 - Gorilla Grodd

Barry and the rest of Team Flash have had a pretty wild ride thus far in The Flash season 3. With the changes Barry made to the timeline, new characters who didn?t exist before, now do ? like Barry?s CCPD co-worker, Julian Albert ? while other characters who never had metapowers before, now do ? like Caitlin Snow developing Killer Frost?s icy abilities. On top of that, the team faced off against another evil speedster ? this time, the self-proclaimed God of Speed, Savitar ? and though they had believed him defeated, a vision of the future shows Savitar killing Iris as Barry watches on, helpless to stop him.

Figuring out how to prevent that grisly future from coming to pass has become Team Flash?s new mission, but when the series returns after a week hiatus they?ll have a whole new problem on their hands ? Gorilla Grodd. It…

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