Netflix February 2017_day.07 – Three Fugitives (1989)

...and one head can never die

_In the mid-90’s, we had internet. It was cool. Dail-up was horrible. Thankfully, our house switched over to broadband very quickly. Sometimes, sadly, the internet would go out. And back then, if the internet went down, the solution was to turn the modem off and on and again. It was annoying, but…you do what you gotta do. A few months ago, I came to a realization. 20 years later, sometimes the internet stops working. And when that happens, the solution is…to turn the modem off and back on again. 2 decades of progress, we’ve made zero progress in this particular area.

Maybe it’ll happen after they make hooking up a printer over a network simpler.

Two robbers walk into a bank: an ex-con going straight and a hapless dad. All they need is a cute kid.

Watch out, it’s Three Fugitives.

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