Some things watched lately

Neil's Commonplace Book

Among my Wollongong Library borrowings has been this:

Binge-watched it last weekend: The Harp in the South (1987). Loved it! Made me quite nostalgic for Surry Hills.

A few weeks back I saw a midday movie on 9GEM that I had honestly never heard of before. Now I really want to see it again.


See The 14 (1973) | David Hemmings’ underrated anarchic British drama starring Jack Wild.

Set against the backdrop of a rundown terraced street in London’s East End that’s been earmarked for redevelopment, Hemmings’ gritty urban drama follows 17-year-old Reg (Jack Wild), the eldest of 14 children, as he struggles to keep his family together following the sudden death of their mother (June Brown)…

The late Jack Wild is best known for playing the Artful Dodger in Olivier! and having adventures with TV’s HR Pufnstuf in the late-1960s, but in Hemmings’…

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