Netflix February 2017_day.04 – Born to Defense (1986)

...and one head can never die

_Over the past year or so, I’ve been getting more into tabletop games. I wish I could say I was getting into it before there seemed to be a growing surge in popularity, but I don’t think I was quite on top of that.They’re fun, though. I think the appeal lies in the personal connection they bring. Not that tabletop games aren’t fun, they are, but they seem almost like a means to an end. Over the last decade or so, the internet has given us the ability to stay connected to people far away, which is nice, but in many ways, it’s also led to a kind of growing distance between the people who are close. You can live minutes away from someone, but it’s just easier to just stay home and talk online. There’s nothing wrong with hanging out online, but the…immediacy of human interaction is nice. The…

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