Trailer Spotlight: Headshot

headshot-slice-600x200.jpgIf you are an action junkie and are looking for more hard hitting classic style knuckle dragging beat downs in the vein of Van Damme’s career from the 90’s, well Headshot is for you! XYZ Films and Vertical Entertainment just dropped the trailer for the martial arts centric film which stars The Raidactor Iko Uwais as a man with amnesia who is tracking down his former associates to rescue his special lady.

The story is simple and basic, but that’s not why you’re paying money to see this movie. Uwais is an incredible martial artist and deserves to get some recognition in the form of bigger roles in more mainstream roles.

Check out the trailer here!

The trailer is exactly what you would expect. Heavy action, light story and no plot giveaways that aren’t already in the synopsis. If they can recreate any of the magic from The Raid

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