FIRST IMPRESSIONS: 2017 (10 films you might miss but shouldn’t)

Reel Time Flicks


After reading Shaun’s list of the 21 films you can’t miss for 2017, I couldn’t help but think that on paper we have a solid year of epic blockbusters ahead of us, and yet I remain cautious due to the general decline in quality of last years big releases. Blockbusters, for better or worse, have become the staple of modern cinema as studios invest billions every year to try to catch audiences attentions and make a solid return on their investment. it’s not unethical for studios to want to make money off of their films but it is distressing when we see lazily executed ‘splosion fests beginning to saturate the market.

While the spotlight certainly falls on the bigger budget films, bigger marketing budgets does tend to reach larger audiences, it can become difficult to find smaller films. I tend to spend a lot of my spare time scouring…

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