3Novices : Doctor Strange Blu-ray Trailer Plays Out in Reverse


Doctor Strange Calendar Benedict Cumberbatch

Marvel?s Doctor Strange had a lot of fun playing around with spatial reality by staging many of its biggest battles in the Mirror Dimension, a place where wizards can literally bend space at a whim. This led to all sorts of awesome Inception-like visuals, and became a big selling-point for the movie before it came out last November. Early trailers wowed audiences with scenes of whole cities being warped and distorted like so much folding paper; in the movie things got even more spectacular and, at times, downright psychedelic.

Ahead of the Blu-ray release, Disney and Marvel are going a different route, playing up the movie?s time-bending elements more than the visuals. The time-bending doesn?t play a big part until the film?s climax when it becomes central to how Doctor Strange ultimately conquers the movie?s big baddie. Those late scenes are arguably more effective than the earlier city-bending scenes.

For the Doctor…

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