How much money would you need to become Iron Man?

The Clash of Two Universes

In the world of Marvel many characters have superhuman abilities such as flying or super human strength. It is hard to stand out without some type of superpower, but Tony Stark managed to do it. Tony Stark designed a suit that would encompass many superpowers into one set of armor, in this suit Tony is more powerful than most superheroes. The Iron Man suit allows him to fly, have super strength, X-Ray vision, the ability to breath underwater and more. Tony Stark used his abundant supply of money to build this suit, but how much does it really cost?

Helmet-mounted display
Tony controls his Iron Man suit via a sophisticated helmet-mounted display that is voice-activated. It could easily be compared to helmet-mounted displays currently under development for fighter jets like the F-35. Fighter pilots use these displays to guide their aircraft the way Tony guides his suit. Last year, theā€¦

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