Good to the Last Fry! The Founder – Review (2017)


Image result for the founder movie posterby Chris Rzigalinksi

Ray Kroc, the McDonald’s Corporation Founder and former CEO, is a pivotal yet obscure figure to the billions of people around the world that eat at his restaurant every day. His legacy is finally explored in a major motion picture with John Lee Hancock’s The Founder (2016). Michael Keaton follows award-winning performances in Birdman and Spotlight with a stunning take on Kroc that both shows the man as a product of his time and as someone constantly trying to transcend its limitations. Keaton’s finest talent as an actor is to bleed dry the unlikable qualities of his characters and locate their last remaining bits of redeeming integrity. He transforms writer Robert Siegel’s story from a script to a pilgrimage about an enigmatic visionary, who, to paraphrase Kroc’s famous words, was in the right place at the right time and did something about it.

The Founder gives us…

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