Batman: The Killing Joke


In July 2016, I was at San Diego Comic-Con when Batman: The Killing Jokepremiered. I wasn’t in attendance for the screening because Ehlers-Danlos syndrome has limited my ability to stand in long lines. But after B:TKJwas shown,I spotteditsscreenwriter, Brian Azzarello, doing a signing at the Image Comics booth.

Well, it would have been a signing if Azzarello was signing anything.

No one was in line for Azzarello. I was waiting for a signing byPaper Girls artist Cliff Chiang. I kinda smiled at Azzarello. He gave me a funny look and said, “I like your dress.” I was wearing a Batwoman DC Bombshells dress. I said thanks.

I didn’t understand the funny look at the time. Later that day, a friend told me about the uproar overB:TKJ: The SDCC audience did not like the film and voiced their opinions loudly.

But hey! I like…

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