We Saw 40 Minutes of ‘Logan,’ and It’s Going to Change Superhero Movies

Adidas Wilson

By now, the trailers for Logan (in theaters March 3) have made it very clear that this is not a typical superhero movie. Quiet and despairing, light on special effects and heavy on character drama, the third Wolverine solo film looks to be a drastic departure from previous X-Men films, not to mention the Marvel and DC Comics films that dominate the genre. At a December press event last year, I previewed the first 40 minutes of Logan, and I can tell you that superhero films are never going to be the same.

Logan takes place in a desolate near future, where mutants have largely died out and the glory days of the X-Men are long past. Logan (Hugh Jackman), formerly known as Wolverine, is a Jim Beam-chugging misanthrope who begins the film by violently slaughtering three armed criminals who try to steal his hubcaps. Living on a border town in…

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