The “Mark” Rises!

This Side of the Whirlwind

It has Come

The Mark, a biologically embeddable implant containing near-field communication technologies (NFC)[1], will provide a variety of personal functions, including but not limited to mobile banking, individual identification, GPS tracking, and access to all personal financial and medical information. Though the Mark may openly offer consumers a variety of worthwhile applications, its primary function will be to covertly provide governments with a severe level of control over all individuals and their finances. Those who do not possess the Mark will be ruthlessly limited in their ability to manage finances of any kind. When governments the world over convert from cash to cashless financial systems, retailers, wholesalers, department stores, chain food outlets, and warehouses of all shapes and sizes will be forced to accept the Mark of the Beast and only the Mark for all transactions. Businesses will require every employee to possess the Mark so they…

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