My Personal Ramblings And “Feels” About La La Land

As fast as I can

It’s my favorite feeling in the world: just going to see a movie and when it’s all over, your life has suddenly changed.

I’ve seen countless films that created a tremendous impact in my life. But I can only name a few that made me feel like a bus ran over me, an avalanche fell over me, or a lightning struck me.

La La Land is one of them.

lalaland06*Spoilers ahead, definitely.

The ending is my favorite part because I’m a sucker for plot twists. And it’s also the part where the moral of the film hits you to the core.

You know that moment when Sebastian plays the piano and Mia is watching him with eyes that look like they’re on the brink of crying, and then it beautifully transitions to the moment they first meet but with a different end to it, and then you feel like all…

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