3Novices : Stan Lee Celebrates 75 Years at Marvel


Stan Lee Marvel Comics 75 years

Stan Lee is an icon in the world of comics, mostly known for his work at Marvel. Even those who aren?t familiar with his work in the comics likely recognize him from his film cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other properties based on Marvel characters. He is quite possibly one of the biggest celebrities in comics, with his fame extending far beyond the work he did on the published page.

Now, The Walt Disney Company has recorded a short video commemorating the 75 years that Lee has spent with Marvel.

The video features Lee reflecting on how he first came to work at Marvel, which was then still known as Timely Comics. He reveals that he didn?t even know that the company was producing comics at the time he applied; he simply heard that a publishing company needed an assistant. He got the job, and iwas then that he was introduced to the legendary Jack Kirby and…

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