My Top 10 Movies of 2016

I am the Media Maven

10. 13 Hours – Everyone knows about Benghazi but not everyone knows the whole story nd I thought this movie did a good job.

9. Hacksaw Ridge – I thought this was an incredible story of an unsung hero.

8. Snowden – I don’t make any secret of thinking Edward Snowden is a hero and I thought this movie, even though it wasn’t entirely historically accurate, was very well done.

7. Green Room – This movie was intense and disturbing but also worth watching.

6. Ghostbusters – This summer I wrote a feminist manifesto about this movie so of course it made the list.

5. Dr. Strange – I was very impressed with the casting and special effects.

4. Arrival – Great story with lots of unexpected twists.

3. Sully – Everyone was curious about how they could make a two-hour movie about an emergency landing but they did and it…

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