BOOKISH MYTHBUSTERS: Bookworm Stereotypes

Becca & Books

“Normal” people have sure got some funky ideas about bookworms.

But don’t fret, friends! That’s what Bookish MythBusters is for. This bi-monthly feature created by the lovely, vivacious MEwill clear up those odd bookish legends.

Today’s mission? The Bookworm Stereotypes!

Myth #1: Bookworm’s Don’t Talk to People

HAHAHAHA. Well, not if we can help it, no.

But really, bookworms don’t just read all the books. We chat about the books, gossip about the books, cackle about the books, sob about the books, scream about the books, WE TALK ABOUT THE BOOKS. WITH PEOPLE.

I mean, what do you think the 56, 681, 115,137 book bloggers (this number is accurate there was a study and everything google it) do with their blog?? Eat it?

So yes, bookworms are all:


But we’re also all about the:


img_0787Myth #2: Bookworm’s Utter with the Supremest Terminology

Okay but how did this myth even…

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