3Novices : Ryan Reynolds Explains Why Deadpool Won’t Cameo in Logan


Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool for GQ

Ever since Fox?s Deadpool became a massive success, fans have wondered whether or not they?d ever see Ryan Reynolds? Merc with a Mouth interact onscreen with Hugh Jackman?s Wolverine before the latter gave his last performance as the character in next year?s Logan. Which is why yesterday, when a report claiming Reynolds had filmed a cameo end-credits scene for Logan as Deadpool, it generated plenty of buzz and excitement across the internet.

However, that enthusiasm was quickly diminished when both Reynolds and Logan director James Mangold took to Twitter to deny the news, saying there would be no scene featuring Deadpool in the film. To his credit, Mangold even spent several hours on the platform, explaining why the report was false, and why Deadpool, even despite loving the …

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