Thank you, Carrie Fisher.

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I remember when I first watched Star Wars. I was about 4 years old and my father had been so excited to expose me to a series that would remain with me up to this very day of my 23 years of existence.

The epic opening of scrolling text and fanfare immediately captured my little attention span as I hopped up onto the couch and watched my father’s precious VHS scroll through the beginning of a saga of movies that would entertain me for years. After being introduced to the ensemble of intergalactic characters of various backgrounds and origins, there was one that stuck out to me: Princess Leia.tumblr_oiv11uclel1rr18wao1_540

Growing up as a little gay boy, I never felt myself attached to the typical straight, male hero. I felt as if they were getting cliched and I just didn’t associate myself with them. But in storms Carrie Fisher, changing the entire…

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