Sassy Dreams Awake

Carrie Fisher was my first princess.  I was 8 years old when Star Wars: A New Hope arrived on the scene and it changed the world forever.

Princess Leia was no ordinary princess, at least not the ones I’d seen up to that point. She was smart, sassy, and in charge.  She didn’t wait for a prince or hero to save her, she grabbed a gun and shot her enemy and fought her threats herself.

Three movies and an entire space mythos later, Princess Leia was firmly entrenched as one of my role models. Pink, fluffy-haired, prissy, weak damsel in distress princesses would never, ever measure up.

I was thrilled to see Princess Leia return to Star Wars decades after Princess Leia helped save the galaxy and ride off into the galactic sunset.  She had aged, yes, but she was still in charge.  Now a general, always royal, guiding fragments…

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