Graphic Representation: Some seasoned greetings

eats shoots 'n leaves

We begin with the Los Angeles Times and what might have been:

David Horsey: President Sanders? Bernie would have beaten Trump

From the Washington Post, the new Nixon:

Tom Toles: What’s the problem with Trump playing the madman in foreign policy?

The Miami Herald conveys a blinding trust:

Jim Morin: And did we mention blind faith?

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, no aye of Newt:

Mike Luckovich: Unwanted Swamp creature

The Arizona Republic offers a hearty “Ho, Ho. Ho. . .suckers”:

Steve Benson: Savior Trump wants lots of gifts

From the Guardian, the Grinch is back:

Steve Bell: ‘Making Christmas Great Again’

The Kansas City Star covers a landslide win:

Lee Judge: It rolls downhill

From the Salt Lake Tribune, the tenor of the times:

Pat Bagley: White Fright

The Washington Post offers another season’s greeting:

Ann Telnaes: Trump’s at the top of this list

From the

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