Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away



A lot of people are sick of 2016. Usually I’m kinda sad when a year is over. Time flies so fast, especially the older you get. It always feels like we’re saying goodbye to something or someone we’ll never see again. In this case, good. Please don’t come back. It’s been a seriously crappy year.

For many 2016 has been like the roommate from Hell. That loud mouth breather you can hear through the walls, walks around in his underwear, never fills ice trays, clogs the toilet, occasionally makes racist remarks, and then he kills an 80s pop icon. 2016 is that guy.

Much anger was directed at the year when it looked like it might take Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia from us, and I’m totally with you on that one. Even Jabba didn’t wanna kill her. He just wanted to chain her up in a gold bikini and we…

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