Graphic Representation: The Trumplandia™ Follies

eats shoots 'n leaves

We begin with the Washington Post and petroleum empowered at the Department of Energy:

Ann Telnaes: Trump’s ‘oops’ choice for the Energy Department


From the Tulsa World, will he forget again, now he’ll be running it?:

Bruce Plante: Trump and Rick Perry


A nationally syndicated cartoonist ponders Perry and his fellow petro pal:

Jeff Danziger: Welcome to the White [?] House

The Washington Post ponders contrasting oppositions:

Tom Toles: Will Trump’s White House have conflicts of interest? There’s another side to that story.


From the Miami Herald, a reference to one of the greatest soliloquys ever written, featured in the Oscar-winng 1976 hit Network:

Jim Morin: Will America take it?


And here’s the soliloquy, delivered by network parent CEO New Beatty to top-rated and utterly bonkers news anchor Peter Finch both of whom won Oscars for their roles:

From the Salt Lake Tribune, treated like shit:

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