Fan Made: Star Wars Episode IV… The infographic by @MartinPanchand

Constant Collectible

001-swanh098-swanhYou laugh as the screen loads… A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away… and instead of a brass section, you only hear Carl from accounting filling up from the water cooler.

Do you love Star Wars, but hate getting fired for watching movies. Do you have an infant asleep, but no headphones. Thanks to Martin Panchaud, you can now experience the entire first Star Wars film in an info-graphic format.

From his about page, he explains what SWAHN (Star Wars A New Hope).net is birthed from:

SWANH.NET is an adaptation of Star Wars Episode IV in a style that was inspired by infographics. One story in one piece of 123 meters length.

It was created with Adobe Illustrator CC in 2016. Its exact measures are:
1024 x 465152 px / 27 x 12307 cm / 10.6 x 4845.3-inch

I first came up with the idea for this…

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