Movie Review: Rogue One (2016)


Spoilers Below

The Force is, indeed, with Rogue One. It’s the first of the new anthology films set on the Star Wars universe and it’s done well.

The original Star Wars film, Star Wars (No, I don’t call it A New Hope), was released 40 years ago paving a newer fresher take on the film industry that time. Since then, the movies have spawned many different kinds of merchandise; books, TV specials, TV shows, comic books, games and toys, just to name a few. When Disney acquired the rights of LucasFilms, it is understandable that they would want to do something with that billion-dollar purchase. Thus, having new Star Wars films every year, may it be a side-story anthology film or a sequel to the main storyline.

Rogue One is set before events that happened in the original Star Wars film and it’s no joke to do a prequel without…

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