The Nine Best Movie Shootouts

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Bang! Bang! For years now, movie makers have been thrilling audiences with blazes of bullets. Some shootouts are better than others. These are the best.

These particular ones were selected on the basis of their technical bravado as well as their impact on other movies—and even video games. The following movies are listed chronologically and not in order of importance.

(Note: This article was originally published on 1/31/2015.)

Be aware that these are the best shootouts, and not pistol duels. Mexican standoffs would also fall under duels, and the difference between shootouts and duels is that tension is built up with the characters pointing weapons at each other, and the actual shooting is ultimately a release. Conversely, for shootouts, the tension comes from the act of shooting. This explains the lack of iconic Sergio Leone and Quentin Tarantino scenes, which will probably be revisited in…

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