Changing Deadpool’s Costume?

Cinema Costumes

While Googling Deadpool 2 last night, I came upon  a behind the scene image that featured  our mercenary friend Deadpool wearing something other than his red suit. You know what this means right?. It means that the costume designer and director  changed the costume!!!!!


The suit that Deadpool wore   in the photo was a bright blue, tightly-fitted, sparkling suit, with a bright blue mask with jagged patterns. Isn’t that crazy?I guess the costume designers and the directors decided that red wasn’t the right color for Deadpool to wear. This could be due to the fact that pretty much every Marvel character has some sort of  red in their costume. Think about it,  Dr. Strange wears some red, Iron Man wears red, Thor has a red cape, The Hulk is green, but he makes other people wear red, when he beats  the living daylights out of them.  They  want  Deadpool…

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