My 3 favorite artists who carry on the noble tradition of cartooning

Tomi's Cartoon World

Cartoons are more than just little panels that make jokes. For me, they are little sparks of joy in the midst of a world that is all too complicated and often bewildering. Cartoons tend to brighten my day and make even the most mundane reading activities more fun.

It seems to me, however, that cartooning has lost a lot of its spark in the modern age. Newspapers and magazines are publishing some of the most banal and outdated humor imaginable. I mean, how many times can they make the same stupid joke about a husband not wanting to take out the trash? Cue the over the top GROOOAAAN…

But still, cartoons are awesome. So who is out there that is still doing great cartooning work? Here are three of my favorite cartoonists that I encourage you to check out

1. Tom Cheney

I’m not always the biggest fan of New-Yorker…

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