3Novices : #CreateCourage: Rogue One’s Most Heartwarming Ad


Rogue One A Star Wars Story CreateCourage ad

The Star Wars saga has had its share of courageous moments, with heroes facing seemingly insurmountable odds and coming out on top. Even when hope seems lost, the members of the Republic and the Rebellion have always stood against the darkness and trusted that the light would win out in the end. In the spirit of this, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has a new ad that celebrates courage in an unexpected way. Though it seems a bit odd and even funny in places, it ends up being the most touching and heartwarming ad that?s been released for the movie to date.

The ad, seen above, focuses not on the action of Rogue One but instead follows a pair of schoolchildren as they go about their day. One of the two wears a Star Wars hoodie with a hood that looks like a helmet, while the …

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