The Mothman

My Second Act, Scene One

Movies are magical, mystical and mythical tellings of stories. Whether based on real life or the creation of a talented writer, the words and set direction comes to life on screen.

My father took me to my first movie, The Shaggy Dog. Later, my mother and I would go to all the Doris Day movies. Sunday afternoons, we would watch the old movies on TV. The movie was hosted by a local reporter, Leonard V. Cohen, who would tell you about the stars, the plot, all the interesting little details.

Movies were a mental escape for me. I wanted to meet those people and be in a movie. Well, it took many years, but I finally got my chance about twenty years ago.

Hollywood had discovered that the Pittsburgh area was great location to film. My first experience was during the filming of a George Romero horror flick called Theā€¦

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