James Bond is Dead

Save you it can

James Bond is Dead.  Does that sound like click-bait?  It sure does.  But it is true…from a certain point of view.  Let me explain.

James Bond kicks ass.  No, really, he kicks ass big time.  He doesn’t stop.  He stealthily kicks ass.  He openly and obnoxiously kicks ass.  He kicks ass from the side of mountain.  He kicks ass over a mountain.  He kicks ass inside a mountain (or maybe that’s Austin Powers).  He kicks ass on a train, in a car and on a plane.  He kicks ass in the rain.  He never, ever stops kicking ass.  Throughout 26 movies he has been an unstoppable killing machine.  From the more subdued Connery, to the what-is-this-Rambo? Pierce Brosnan, James Bond dodged every bullet, survived every fall, escaped every elaborate execution, and disarmed every bomb.  He has succeeded against impossible odds, and he, somehow, managed to get the women, despite being…

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