George Takei


Star Trek Insigna Star Trek Insigna

Last night, we got to hear the actor and activist George Takei speak at the Touhill. Mr. Takei first came to prominence in the sixties through his role on the TV series Star Trek. He played the character Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu. As Takei explained, Gene Roddenberry, the Star Trek creator, had a social agenda when he created Star Trek. Through the allegory of science fiction, Roddenberry wanted to discuss the real-world social issues that then were considered too controversial for television. Roddenberry envisioned the starship Enterprise as a surrogate for the planet Earth and its crew, all mankind. Among the crew were representatives from around world. Scotty was Europe, Chekov the communists, Uhura Africa and Sulu Asia. He chuckled at his pairing, since he had grown up in LA and only looked Asian.

Takei was five-years-old, living in LA, when in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor…

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