Lego Batman Movie: New Trailer And Review

The Weekend Couch Potato

Crowd: “Batman! We love you!”

Batman: “Thank you, I’m blushing super hard under the mask.”

Warner Bros. has dropped the main trailer for the Lego Batman movie. This is the fourth trailer for the movie, which is scheduled to release Feb. 10 next year.

From the looks of it, this movie is bound to be hilarious and fun, especially the Dark Knight’s sidekick Robin, who is modeled after the no-pants-Dick Grayson character. The Lego Robin seems to embrace the antics of Burt Ward’s 1960s portrayal of the Boy Wonder and pushes it even further.

Even though Robin was seen by many as an annoying character and was even voted to be killed in the comics by the end of the 1980s, this character might actually find a likeability in the Lego universe.

Robin is voiced by actor Michael Cera, while Batman is given life by actor Will Arnett.

The story seems…

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