Dune (1984) Review

CG Kino


It’s been quite a number years since I read Frank Herbert’s Dune, which blew my teenage mind with it’s level of complexity of political intrigue, psychic powers, environmentalism and it’s rich world. I imagined it as an aesthetic mixture of advanced science fiction combined with a somewhat antique medieval or renaissance look. This film adaptation looks a whole lot different to what I imagined and looks very strange, but for the most part looks alright, if dated in parts. The character shields, for instance, look like transparent hitboxes in video games but I can let it slide due to the film’s age and it being the early days of CGI. That said, the gigantic sandworms look incredible and most of the sets look believable.

This film is perhaps the most conventional film in director David Lynch’s filmography, which follows a pretty clear 3 act structure. The film follows the rivalry between…

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