3Novices : Netflix Fan Theories Video Connects Breaking Bad & The Walking Dead


Walking Dead Breaking Bad Crossover

Everybody loves a good fan theory. Sure, many of them are ridiculous and obviously wrong, based on weak constructions that Actor A was in both Movie A and Movie B, therefore proving that the two movies are in the same universe. An entire movie a few years ago, Room 237, was based entirely on fans sharing their half-baked theories about Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror classic The Shining.

Once in awhile, though, the theories will be thought-provoking and shed new light on the work. And every so often, the theory will even be proven right. There’s another new fan theory making the rounds that may not be proven right, but it’s still taking the Internet by storm.

A video, posted to Netflix’s official YouTube channel, posits that “Breaking Bad is The Walking Dead.” It’s called “The Breaking Dead Theory.” Using crude animation, the video posits …

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