Doctor Strange



Benedict Cumberbatch’s winning formula of Sherlock and House M.D. brings life to the narcissistic rock star neurosurgeon turned mystical arts wunderkind, in the latest offering from Marvel Pictures that manages in the main to make you forget you’re watching a film you’ve already seen from Marvel several times before in slightly different dressing. Grating adherence to a now rather tired formula and a slight lack of imagination when it comes to grappling with comics’ lore detract from an otherwise gripping introduction to the Sorcerer Supreme.

Leaving his ivory tower in downtown Manhattan, the erstwhile Dr Stephen Strange travels to Kathmandu to seek a mystical cure to his mangled hands, the result of a near fatal car accident. It’s there he discovers more than a flair for robes and 70’s era facial hair, but another handy use for his conveniently photographic memory, quickly mastering wildly complex incantations and coming to grips with…

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