Doctor Strange Review: Racism aside, an exciting new dimension has been added to the MCU



Okay, so blatantracism aside, I actually thought that Doctor Strange was a PRETTY DAMN GOOD addition to the MCU!

Hear me out first though. I’m Asian myself, I come from Singapore, my parents are Singaporean Chinese, my grandparents hail all the way from China, so yeah, it did shit me when I found out that Tilda Swinton was going to play the Ancient One when the news first hit the Internet, a character who was created to be Tibetan. What made it worse was after, when Marvel heard the cries of whitewashing, did they finally decide to add an actual Asian character to the cast with Benedict Wong. I mean seriously, what the eff, Marvel?!

I had the benefit of going into this movie with forewarning from S, who told me to brace myself for the racism that peppered the film aplenty, so going into it made me…

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