‘Doctor Strange’ – Movie Review: Visually Stunning, But Suffers From Marvel’s Repetitive Formula


Doctor Strange has been one of the most enduring and interesting Marvel Characters for the past fifty years, taking part in almost every crossover story line in a key role. Marvel here had the gargantuan task of condensing the iconic origin story and paying homage to the fifty years of lore in a single feature. Whilst the film doesn’t quite manage to establish its world both singularly and as a part of the MCU, Marvel has yet delivered another flick full of fun


Whilst it could have been cool to see a little more of the horror sensibilities, Scott Derrickson did a great job in bringing this tale to life. The casting first and foremost is pitch perfect. Mads Mikkelsen might not be given lots to do (that being due to story problems), but Cumberbatch (even though I have some trouble to see him play something different than Sherlock Holmes)…

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