Show Notes: Episode 1 10/24/2016

Super Co-op Squad Video Game Podcast

2:20 Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer:

  • We discuss the our thoughts on the trailer, and how much excitement this will create in the gaming community.
  • Does the RockStar game develoment method every age and grow outdated?
  • How long is too long in-between sequels?

18:30 Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild footage:

  • As LoZ innovates and evolves does it start to become less Zelda and more sandbox?
  • Is the innovation something gamers want from Zelda or is it better to stay nestled in the nostalgia?
  • Garrett and Joshua wax nostalgic on there experiences playing LoZ, discuss the demo they played at E3 and talk about what they want from the future title.
  • Our thoughts on release date?

31:50 Playstation VR:

  • Is VR something the industry needs or even wants?
  • Will VR create any type of impactful change to the gaming industry today?
  • How high is too high to get…

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