Bob’s Burgers S7 E3’Teen-A-Witch’

The kids are stoked for Halloween and the Belcher kids are talking about what they should wear. Tammie steals Tina’s costume idea of being a hot mess and getting ahead of her she signs up for the costume contest. Tina’s always wanted to win but always ends up losing though her costumes are clearly the best.

Looking for information on witches to become a “sand-witch” the librarian  tells her to become a real witch. She takes his spell book and tries to practice dark arts to win the contest. As the kids cast spell after spell Bob finds out someone took his prized pumpkin.

The next day everything that the kids magicked happens. That night Tina attempts more magic and the next day she comes in dressed like a goth.

Tina attempts to curse a semi nemesis the crossing guard but is soon cursed herself. She is toying with forces…

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