Retro TNU: Blockbuster Video Wow What A Difference

The Nerds Uncanny

For the better part of the 1980’s and 1990’s, going to a video store on Friday or Saturday to grab a couple of movies and some popcorn, was a weekly family tradition.

Even if you weren’t at the video store with family, there was a good chance you were there with your friends. For me the go-to store at first was a local store, but after a few years it was a Blockbuster Video near my apartment.


My local Blockbuster store on Main St. in Weymouth MA, became very important to me in the summer of 1995 when I started working there as a customer service representative. By the time I graduated college in 2001, I was the assistant manager.

I had some great times at that store making friends, and Watching movies.  I also met my first girlfriend there; I was later put in charge of store design, I…

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