8 interesting facts about Poltergeist

Movie Barf

By Ryan Keating-Lambert

So, I’ve been watching quite a few horror movies lately to get into the Halloween spirit and although this one is more lighthearted than most, Poltergeist has some juicy titbits and some fascinating real life horror stories (I mean hello, real skeletons!?).

Of course I’m talking about the original 1982 film, not the 2015 remake. Add it to your Halloween list of essentials this year.

1. Spielberg’s fear of clowns

Steven Spielberg, in one of his few writing credits, actually admitted to the story being partly based on his childhood fears. Those being of clowns, and a tree outside his window. Seems the clown thing is still relevant for today.

2. Drew Barrymore was the original choice

Source: Movie Pilot

A very young Drew Barrymore was originally up for the role of Carol Anne, but Spielberg chose Heather O’Rourke after discovering her in MGM studios, and instead…

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