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Ouija: Origin of Evil review

ouija origin evil movie reviews Ouija: Origin of Evil Review

Thanks to the efforts of its talented cast and crew, Ouija: Origin of Evil is more solid horror film than soulless franchise continuation.

Alice Zander (Elizabeth Reaser) is a widow living in Los Angeles circa 1967 with her two daughters: the teenaged Paulina (Annalise Basso) and her younger sister, Doris (Lulu Wilson). While she makes money by performing fake seances for grieving people seeking to contact their departed loved ones from beyond the grave, Alice is struggling financially and still grieving over the death of her husband ? at the same time, doing her best to raise her two children. Acting on something of a whim, Alice thus ends up taking Paulina?s advice and buys a Ouija board to incorporate into her business, in the hopes of attracting more customers.

Alice and Paulina are then shocked to discover that Doris, upon using …

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