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People who support Donald Trump believe he’ll give them everything they want. He’ll give them their country back. I just wonder what Vladimir Putin wants to do with the United States.

What baffles my mind, but not really, are all those Tea Party jerks who spent the years of the Obama presidency screaming “I want my country” and co-opting the word “patriot” to define themselves. They’ve spent the past eight years implying that anyone who’s liberal or a Democrat was not a patriot and didn’t love their country. Republicans have cornered the market of love for America, baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet (even though Obama saved Chevrolet).

One of their favorite platforms is the Constitution. They believe Obama has disregarded it and is ruling as a king or a dictator. To repair that they’ll vote for a man who’s made violating the Constitution a huge part of his platform. The…

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