Shin Godzilla (2016) Review


I feel like Godzilla is one of those franchises, comparable maybe only to James Bond, whose iconography has become more famous than the formal elements of its actual movies. And by that I mean the moments that everyone expects from Godzilla or James Bond usually make up a very small part of each actual entry in their franchise, and so when people who aren’t that familiar with the franchise see the latest entry, they’re usually disappointed by how little of the iconography is actually there.

What makes this doubly difficult for Godzilla is that, over the franchise’s 60something year history, it’s been split into two strains of movie. There’s the Godzilla movies that follow the structure of the original, where Godzilla is the main threat that human characters have to face; and there’s the Godzilla movies where the main threat is a different monster that Godzilla has to face. Shin…

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