3Novices : Michael Myers Being Added to Dead by Daylight Video Game


Michael Myers in Halloween 1978

While he?s been mostly inactive since the turn of the century, during the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, director John Carpenter was widely regarded as one of the reigning masters of the horror genre. His resume includes classics like The Thing, Christine, and They Live, but unquestionably his most famous work is 1978?s Halloween. Starring Jamie Lee Curtis in the role that launched her career, Halloween?spremise is a simple one: masked murderer Michael Myers stalks a group of teens ? led by Curtis? Laurie Strode ? through his home town of Haddonfield on Halloween night, systematically killing them off one by one.

A phenomenal success, Halloween spawned a franchise that has so far produced 10 total films, with an 11th in development.Halloween has also been merchandised in pretty much every possible way, including via theme park attractions at Universal …

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