Batman: Return of the caped crusaders review

Diamond Raven Entertainment


Sometimes I’m glad I grew up in the 90’s and my first introduction to batman was the Tim Burton movies.  The dark knight batman is more intricate and interesting with scarier villains that come upon the darkness with in humanity.  That way when i watch this comical satire i can only help but laugh at the ridiculousness of its characters.   Adam west will always be Adam West not batman to me.  The cheese is definitely with this one.

Batman 1966 is a satire on the state that the modern batman has become.  It seems the creators and west were not happy with this dark brooding batman that they decided to make fun of it in a serious tone.

Unfortunately for them they showed the ridiculous of a batman in the 60’s all the weird gadgets with there puns, stopping the show midway to talk about jay walking, and the…

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